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LDOS-PerAff-1 dataset

The LDOS-PerAff-1 dataset is a corpus of video clips of users responding to emotional stimuli. The corpus is unique for two reasons. First, the emotions are annotated in the valence-arousal-dominance space instead of the usual coarse basic emotions. Second, the subjects are annotated with their personality parameters which offers a new ground for further investigations on personality and emotions. The corpus has been compiled for the needs of our research on recommender system.

To access the LDOS-PerAff-1 database please fill-in the EULA and follow the instructions or contact me

The corpus has been presented in the paper The LDOS-PerAff-1 corpus of facial-expression video clips with affective, personality and user-interaction metadata in the Journal on Multimodal User Interfaces, March 2013, Volume 7, Issue 1-2, pp 143-155 .

Sample video

Extract from the dataset

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