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LDOS Affective Computing Student Interest Group


The purpose of the Affective Computing Student Interest Group (ACSIG) at the LDOS laboratory (University of Ljubljana Faculty of electrical engineering) is to stimulate the study and research in the field of affective computing and related fields (social signal processing, human computer interaction etc.) in undergraduate, phd students and researchers in general.

The ACSIG group finds its roots in the research activities of the LDOS group: low level signal processing, information retrieval, user modeling, user interaction, content filtering. The activities of the group are in synergy with other LDOS activities (LDOS seminars, equipment, student projects, theses etc..).


The ACSIG is a non formal group of students and researchers who express their interest and support by taking part in the group's activities. A non binding list of members is kept.


The coordinator of the group is Marko Tkalčič and he is responsible for all activities unless otherwise agreed.


The ACSIG will carry out activities that follow the goals defined above:

  • regular meetings of the group
  • lectures
  • regular journal reading club sessions
  • regular yearly workshop
  • support student projects
  • publishing news, announcements
  • networking activities


All the documentation related to the group (news, announcements, minutes, presentations, papers, links etc.) will be stored in a single and accessible repository, this website.



2012-03-01 A workshop on affect and cognitive sciences will be held within the Mei:CogSci study with Marko Tkalčič as one of the lecturers. Welcome! Programme is here

2011-05-20 Two papers accepted at the UMAP 2011 conference (Tkalčič, Košir, Tasič, Odić and Kunaver, congratulations)

2011-05-05 The book Emotive and personality parameters in recommender systems has been published and is available in online stores

2011-02-05 The video of dr. Vinciarelli's lecture is available on our web page.

2011-01-11 dr. Alessandro Vinciarelli from the University of Glasgow will hold a lecture with the title Social Signal Processing: understanding nonverbal communication in social interactions on wednesday, 19.01.2011 at 10:00 in the multimedia room at the Faculty of electrical engineering, Tržaška 25, Ljubljana. Welcome

2010-12-22 The proceedings of the 2010 Journal Reading Club sessions is available online: Attach:2010_LDOS_ACSIG_JRC_Proceedings.pdf

2010-12-16 The third session of the Journal Reading Club will be on Wednesday, 2010-12-22 at 10:00 in the LDOS room

2010-11-18 dr. Fabio Carrera from WPI held the lecture Urban Agents & Citizen Apps, Towards an Autonomous Interactive Urban Planning Platform

2010-11-10 The second session of the Journal reading club will be on Wednesday, 2010-11-17 at 10:00 in the LDOS room.

2010-10-20 The first session of the Journal reading club will be on Friday, 2010-10-22 at 12:15 in the LDOS room.

2010-09-12 The paper Tkalčič, Burnik, Košir, Using affective parameters in a content-based recommender system for images has been accepted for publication in UMUAI (2009 IF = 2.345). Congratulations to the authors!

2010-09-05 Slides from the kickoff first lecture Affective Computing

2010-08-31 ACSIG Kickoff meeting will take place on Thursday, 2.september.2010 in the room P10 at ULFE. Welcome!

2010-08-10 ACSIG webpage set up


List of projects

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